Spring 2019 Interns

Spring 2024 applications now open.
Application deadline January 28th, 2024

Spring 2024 Internship Application [pdf]

Internships at the Timpany Center

The Timpany Center is a SJSU service learning site that strives to give students the best opportunities available for gaining experience. Interns are afforded the chance to gain practice by applying knowledge acquired from classroom curriculum in a hands on setting. In addition, an internship at the Timpany Center provides an opportunity for professional and personal development. 

We offer internships in areas such as: Adapted Physical Activity, Sport Management, Movement Science, Pre-Professional, Recreation, Nutrition, Exercise and Fitness, and much more!

We offer internships that meet 100 (2 units) and 150 (3 units) hour requirements during the Spring and Fall semesters. (We do not offer 50 hour/1 unit internships)

"The internship program at the Timpany Center provides an opportunity for personal growth, hands on experience with individuals scholarship recipients, and insight for further progression into the field of physical activity. Intern involvement in programs such as Enhance Fitness, Better Bones and Balance, Tai Chi and Aqua Aerobics enhance stimulation for all members participating in various activities. Advancement throughout the program present interns with the chance to work alongside professional certified instructors and assist in teaching coordinated fitness routines. The overall internship experience increases motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyles with a positive attitude."

-Melissa, Fall 2013 Intern & SJSU Kinesiology Undergrad Student