Personal Training Testimonials

Clients and Trainer

Testimonies from our clients:

"The Timpany Center has been such a blessing in our lives; we use personal training for my boys who have special needs so they can meet their exercise and fitness needs. The Timpay Center is a very welcoming and warm environment that has a great respect for dinsabilities. The staff is great, my boys have really enjoyed working with their trainers Matt, Travis, and Stephen."

“I have the pleasure of working with two fantastic personal trainers: Stephen and Nicole. They are professional, knowledgeable, kind, patient and understanding. The trainers use evidence-based techniques to help accomplish your fitness goals. Stephen and Nicole provided me the opportunity and ability to learn about kinesiology, to make behavioral and physical changes, and develop a new way to train safely. They have been changing the routines to keep them interesting and motivating at the same time that fun. I importantly appreciated that they always checked my form in order to perform the exercises in a safety way without jeopardizing straining of the muscle and/or injuries.  Their encouragement has given me the confidence to complete my exercises and stick with the program. After two months, I was able to see gains in my physique and (helped me reach) my personal fitness goals. I am pleased with my progress and the friendship I have developed with these two great trainers.”

“I have a spinal cord injury. When I came to Timpany Center for personal training, I was just a year out from my injury. I needed to find some activities to help build strength and lose weight to assist in my recovery. My personal training experience at Timpany Center has been a perfect complement to physical therapy with my healthcare provider. My first trainer designed a regimen tailored to the muscle groups that needed focus, helping to keep me motivated while being understanding of adaptive needs. When my healthcare provider recommended increased attention to problem areas, my trainer was able to adapt our program. My second trainer was to step in without missing a beat, expanding on my routines with new perspectives. The training program at Timpany Center has helped keep me motivated and on track for months. I owe much of my recovery to my time spent at the Timpany Center.”

“My personal training experience at Timpany Center has been a perfect complement to physical therapy with my healthcare provider. The trainers are great at designing regimens that keep you motivated while understanding your adaptive needs. I owe much of my recovery to my time spent at the Timpany Center.”

“Timpany Center was recommended to me by a friend and for over 8 years, I learned to do my own water exercises by observing others and exploring the tools at my disposal. At some point, I settled on a simple regimen of swim and noodle work. However, this wasn’t enough. As I look back at my struggling years, Irealized that all I needed was simply someone to show me the way and provide the direction my body needed in order to be fit. Last year, Stephen introduced himself to me as a lifeguard and a fitness trainer.

When Timpany Center was shut down for renovation, I joined Stephen’s land-based fitness class. I observed right away that his well-thought out exercises were invigorating me. As the class sessions progressed, my blood pressure dropped. My memory as well as my cognitive function improved. I was happy with the results that I registered with him a set of personal training sessions.

I was not disappointed. As the personal training sessions progressed, I noticed that the pain in my knees and hip was greatly reduced, my cardiovascular function improved. Stephen’s routines helped me achieve the “equilibrium” I needed and as a consequence, my personal, social, and work activities increased.

Stephen has several of the qualities I admire in a fitness instructor. He is a problem solver – I was made to see where certain parts of my body were underperforming. I understood that those parts needed to be “firing” again. He is a good communicator – I heard I had to build what was lost and that it takes a “soldiers’ discipline” to achieve incremental benefits of having a regimen and a schedule in place. He is sincere - a person’s wellness is foremost in his mind and heart. He is perceptive – he appears to know what a person’s fitness requirements are ahead of time. And lastly, he is a keen observer – he adjusts his routines according to a person’s specific needs.

I would like to emphasize that Stephen’s regimen towards my recovery process is just one aspect of my healing process. Along the way, I recognized other aspects that were essential to my overall health. For example, I take magnesium before and after my exercises. I also take essential fatty acids that aid in the production of energy in my body. My recovery process also includes nutrition, ph balancing, breathing work, cardiovascular exercises, rest in-between exercises, sunshine, walking, social activities, chiropractic work, etc. - the overall balance I need in my life in order to be whole again.”

“It is with pleasure and honor that I commend the staff and program at the San Jose State University Timpany Center.

Stephen Richardson has been my personal trainer since I joined the Timpany Center over eighteen months ago between two hip surgeries. At the time, I had difficulty standing and walking. My goal was to improve my overall physical condition and progress to standing/walking for 30 minutes and to losing 20 lbs, both of which I have successfully accomplished and exceeded.

Stephen has expertly prescribed and implemented an individualized, one-on-one exercise program for me, on both land and in the water, to assist with surgery preparation and with on-going recovery from hip replacement surgery, in addition, increase my overall mobility, and manage joint functioning and pain.

At one point in our on-going twice-weekly fitness program, I had an injury occur in my home, a fall, that changed the course of our program. Mindful of new body issues, Stephen astutely assessed my physical condition and adjusted the exercise regimen based on my current abilities and needs. 

Exercising in the water has been a game-changer for me! I now look forward to and participate enthusiastically in our sessions and experience total body movement improvement and the benefits of increased physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Being part of the Timpany Center community has been uplifting as well, having made new acquaintances and friends! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed and cared-for!


Anonymous, age 69

Retired San Jose Unified school teacher