3-year Bachelors Degree

Can I get into a graduate program with a three-year bachelor's degree?

Note: Three-year bachelor's degrees are referring to those mainly found to be from India, Australia, and many Canadian provinces.

Unfortunately, no. SJSU does not deem many 3-year bachelor’s degrees from India, Australia, and many Canadian provinces as comparable to a 4-year U.S. bachelor’s degree.

However, you may choose to continue your education in your home country at an accredited university and earn a master's degree or postgraduate diploma in the same or related field as your 3-year bachelor's degree. If you earn the master's degree or postgraduate diploma, our office will need evidence of graduation (i.e. degree certificate) in order to verify its successful culmination. Please note that a 3-yr bachelor's degree from your home country and a master's degree or postgraduate diploma from another country, is not considered equivalent to a 4-yr bachelor's degree in the U.S. 

Note: The years of study must culminate in that degree's equivalency to the 4 years of comprehensive study in the U.S. We consider this culmination to be either the master's degree or the postgraduate diploma from an accredited university, therefore, you cannot simply take more courses without a resultant postgraduate diploma or master's degree.

If you remain in the United States, it is recommended that students with a three-year degree apply for undergraduate admissions at a four year regionally accredited college or university as an upper division (junior or senior level) transfer student and complete a bachelor's degree. Depending on how many transfer units are awarded, it should take about two years of full-time study to earn a U.S. bachelor's degree. If you decide to do this, please make an appointment with an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at the college you plan to attend who works closely with international transfer students. To meet with an admissions counselor at San José State, go to Student Outreach and Recruitment to view the pre-admission counseling hours or call 408-924-2564.

For those that hold a Bologna Degree, please note that SJSU will accept and require a proper WES, ECE, or ACEI international evaluation.