Fall 2023 Freshman Impaction Results By Major

Fall 2023 Impaction Results by Major

All majors at SJSU are impacted for freshmen, meaning that all applicants competed for space in the major, based on the applicant's eligibility index at the time of application.

For Fall 2023, SJSU will not consider SAT/ACT scores in our review for admission. Freshman applicants who met the CSU minimum eligibility requirements will be ranked in each major and offered admission to meet both the individual major's capacity and the overall university enrollment capacity.

Beginning Fall 2019, an increased preference was given to local applicants through a 0.25 GPA increase in the calculation for those applicants who will graduate from a high school in Santa Clara County.

In addition to the preference given to local applicants, SJSU will consider additional factors in the impaction process. Specifically, additional consideration will be given to applicants who qualify for the Cal State Apply application fee waiver; are the first to attend college in their family (first-generation); and/or are a U.S. veteran. Further details on the factors considered in the impaction process can be found on our impaction page.

Applicants to majors in the College of Engineering(COE) will be ranked using a modified eligibility index that will take into consideration applicants’ math GPA in addition to the factors listed above.

SJSU began admitting Fall 2023 applicants in early February. Please continue to check your MySJSU account for updates to your admission status and messages posted about our progress in our admission process. Applicants in a Decision Pending (DP) status are still under consideration for admission.

Impaction results categories

Provisionally admitted: Additional details about requirements to maintain eligibility to enroll are included in admission materials. Applicants in this category include:

  • Applicants who met the impaction threshold for their primary major as listed below.
  • Applicants who met the impaction threshold for their alternate major AND there was additional capacity to enroll students in that major.
  • All applicants admitted as provisional are held to all admission and impaction criteria including completing all college preparatory courses (A-G courses) with a C- grade or better through the end of the final spring semester and graduating from high school.

Withdrawn unaccommodated: Applicants in this category include:

  • Applicants who met minimum CSU eligibility requirements but did not meet the individual major's impaction threshold.

Consideration for admission to alternate major:

SJSU admits applicants to their alternate major only if there is additional capacity beyond those admitted as a primary major. This means that you might meet the threshold for your alternate major, but because there is no additional enrollment capacity to admit applicants to alternate majors, your application was withdrawn as unaccommodated.

Non-residents of California, including international students, needed to earn a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for CSU admission consideration. For majors requiring a higher eligibility index, non-residents must have met the higher standard: the CSU eligibility standard for non-resident applicants or the major-specific impaction threshold.


Program (Major) Admit to Program Minimum Impaction Point Index
Advertising 2000
Aerospace Engineering*^ 3600
African-American Studies 2080
Animation and Illustration^ 3200Δ
Anthropology 2080
Applied Math - Applied & Computational^ 2080
Art - Digital Media Art 2000
Art - Photography 2040
Art - Pictorial Arts 2080
Art - Spatial Arts 2080
Art - Studio - Prep for Teaching, SS 2080
Art - Studio Practice 2040
Art History and Visual Culture 2080
Aviation*^ 3300
Behavioral Science 2080
Biological Sciences 2000
Biological Sciences - Microbiology 2000
Biological Sciences - Molecular Biology 2000
Biological Sciences - Systems Physiology 2000
Biomedical Engineering*^ 3435
Business Admin. - Accounting^ 2040
Business Admin. - Accounting Info Systems^ 2240
Business Admin. - Business Analytics^ 2000
Business Admin. - Corporate Accounting Finance^ 2800
Business Admin. - Entrepreneurship^ 2400
Business Admin. - Finance^ 2720
Business Admin. - Hospitality, Tourism & Event Mgmt 2000
Business Admin. - Human Resource Mgmt 2120
Business Admin. - International Business^ 2080
Business Admin. - Management^ 2600
Business Admin. - Management Info Systems^ 2600
Business Admin. - Marketing^ 2600
Business Admin. - Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt 2160
Chemical Engineering* 3240
Chemistry - Biochemistry 2040
Chemistry, B.A. 2040
Chemistry, B.S. 2040
Chicana and Chicano Studies 2040
Child & Adolescent Dev. - Prep for Teaching, MS 2040
Child & Adolescent Development 2000
Chinese 2080
Civil Engineering*^ 4075
Communication Studies 2000
Communicative Disorders & Sciences 2080
Computer Engineering*^ 4680
Computer Science^ 3440
Creative Arts 2080
Dance 2040
Data Science^ 2080
Design Studies 2040
Earth Systems Science 2080
Ecology & Evolution 2000
Economics, B.A. 2040
Economics, B.S. 2040
Electrical Engineering*^ 4200
Engineering Tech - Computer Network System Mgmt.*^ 3120
Engineering Tech - Manufacturing Systems*^ 3000
English 2080
English - Professional and Technical Writing 2080
English - Creative Writing 2080
English - Prep for Teaching, SS 2080
Environmental Studies, B.A. 2000
Environmental Studies, B.S. 2000
Environmental Studies - Prep for Teaching, MS 2000
Forensic Science - Biology 2000
Forensic Science - Chemistry 2040
Forensic Science - Crime Scene Investigation^ 2400
Forensic Science - Digital Evidence^ 2400
French 2080
Geography 2080
Geology 2080
Global Studies 2080
History 2040
Humanities - American Studies 2080
Humanities - Liberal Arts 2080
Humanities - Religious Studies 2080
Industrial & Systems Engineering*^ 3000
Interdisciplinary Engineering* 3000
Japanese 2040
Journalism 2040
Justice Studies 2040
Justice Studies - Criminology 2040
Kinesiology 2000
Kinesiology - Prep for Teaching, SS 2000
Liberal Studies - Integrated Teacher Ed. 2040
Liberal Studies - Integrated Teacher Ed. Spanish Bilingual 2080
Liberal Studies - Prep for Teaching, MS 2080
Linguistics 2000
Marine Biology 2000
Materials Engineering* 3240
Mathematics 2080
Mathematics - Integrated Prep for Teaching 2080
Mechanical Engineering*^ 4680
Meteorology 2080
Meteorology - Climate Science 2080
Music, B.A. 2000
Music, B.M. - Composition 2080
Music, B.M. - Jazz Studies 2080
Music, B.M. - Music Education 2080
Music, B.M. - Performance 2080
Nutritional Science - Applied Nutrition and Food Sci. 2080
Nutritional Science - Food Management 2080
Organizational Studies 2080
Packaging 2080
Philosophy 2040
Physics, B.A. 2000
Physics, B.S. 2000
Physics - Prep for Teaching 2080
Political Science 2080
Undeclared - Pre-Nursing^ 3160
Psychology, B.A.^ 2720
Public Health 2040
Public Health - Community Health Ed. 2080
Public Health - Population Data Sci. 2080
Public Relations 2000
Recreation 2080
Recreation - Recreation Management 2080
Recreation - Recreation Therapy 2040
Social Science - Prep for Teaching, SS 2080
Social Work^ 2320
Sociology 2040
Sociology - Community Change 2080
Sociology - Race & Ethnic Studies 2080
Sociology - Women, Gender, Sexuality 2080
Software Engineering*^ 4800
Spanish 2040
Statistics 2080
Television, Radio, Film 2000
Theatre Arts 2040
Undeclared^ 2400
Undeclared - Pre-Nursing^ 3160

*College of Engineering - Applicants were ranked on on modified impaction index that included additional consideration of a student's math GPA.

^This major did not have the enrollment capacity to accommodate alternate majors.

ΔApplicants to this major are required to complete supplemental drawing exercises to be considered for admission.