Denial Appeal Process

San José State University's Graduate Admissions office reviews each applicant’s record thoroughly during the admissions process. The admission decision is based on objective data: each applicant's academic qualifications from official transcripts and official test scores.

If you were denied admission to SJSU, and have a serious and compelling reason for reconsideration, please see instructions below for the denial appeal process.  For an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new and compelling academic information.  This could be in the form of new transcripts, new grades, new test scores, etc. If you feel that you have new and compelling academic information that will change this decision, please follow the "Submit An Appeal" instructions below.

How to Submit Your Appeal

In order to be reviewed, you must submit an online Graduate Admission Appeal Request for reconsideration along with relevant transcripts and/or supporting documentation no later than 15 business days from the date of the “denial” notice in your MySJSU.

Complete the following steps to submit your appeal:

  1. Access the Graduate Admission Appeal Request with your MySJSU login credentials.

    Applicant Statement: Include a personal statement requesting that we reconsider your application within your appeal request. The statement must come from you (the applicant). It must clearly outline your reasons for appealing the initial decision and a detailed plan for completing the missing requirement(s). The information you present must be new and compelling.

    Transcripts and Documents: include relevant transcripts and/or supporting documentation. Transcripts must include any coursework planned or completed that mistakenly were not part of your initial application to SJSU. We will accept unofficial U.S./Canada transcripts during the appeal process. We require an International Evaluation Report for transcripts outside of the U.S., U.S. Territories & Canada during the appeal process. 

  2. Do not send anything other than the documents requested above. Do NOT include letters of recommendation and personal statements or essays. This information is not considered in the admission process and cannot be submitted as part of your appeal.

  3. Continue to monitor your "admission status" at MySJSU. This will be the first and best location to see any change to your status, including new "To Do List" items and messages. It is our usual practice to respond to appeals within three weeks of the date we receive them.

The Following Applies to All Appeals

  • Applicants may submit a maximum of one appeal per academic term.
  • It is our usual practice to respond to appeals within three weeks of the date we receive a completed appeal request. However, we cannot guarantee a response by deadlines you may have at other colleges where you have applied. We encourage applicants to consider all available educational options. Appeal decisions are final and non-negotiable.
  • Incomplete appeal requests or requests submitted after the 15 day appeal period will not be considered.

Apply to a Later Term

If your appeal is not accepted or you decide to continue your education at another university, we hope that you will reapply to SJSU for the next available term. Please monitor Cal State Apply for current information.