International Freshman Test Requirements

Department Placement Exams

Many new undergraduates in the College of Science, Engineering and Business may need to take a calculus placement exam prior to registration. For details, exemptions, and other criteria, visit the Precalculus Proficiency Assessment page.

To learn if you need to take a department placement exam, contact the department that oversees your degree program (major). View a listing of degree programs and their departments in our University Catalog.

English Language Proficiency Requirement (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, Duolingo)

If you have studied outside the United States, you may be required to submit scores from an English Language Proficiency Exam. 

International Credit by Examination

Advanced Placement (AP)

You may be coming to SJSU with AP exam results. SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of examinations if SJSU has official results from College Board on file. As soon as you receive your official AP scores, have those scores sent to SJSU.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP exams help SJSU students to earn credit towards the completion of their undergraduate degrees. To find out more about which CLEP exams are accepted, visit the Credit by Examination page.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

You may be coming to SJSU with IB exam results. SJSU can grant credit toward undergraduate degrees for successful completion of IB examinations. Official higher level IB Exam scores of four or better, taken before college matriculation, will be granted up to six semester units of lower division baccalaureate credit.

"A" Level or "AS" Level Examinations

If you have taken "A" level and/or "AS" level examinations, SJSU may award college credit if you pass these exams with a "C" grade or higher. SJSU must receive "A" and "AS" level examination scores directly from the Board of Examination.

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

If you have taken the Indian CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) class XII examinations, you may be granted college credit. You must pass these exams with an "81%" mark/grade or higher. SJSU must receive the official CBSE examination scores directly from the Central Board of Secondary Examination to be granted credit.

Under a pilot project launched in 2023 by the Chancellor's office, a limited number of CSU campuses will accept credit for the Indian CBSE class XII examinations.

A maximum of 30 units will be accepted for General Education and/or lower division credit. Course equivalency will depend on the major advisor for major, minor, or support credit.

Below is the list of approved 2023-24 CBSE curriculum by SJSU for students applying for admission in the academic year 2024-25*.

Approved CBSE Curriculum

Exam Subject Credit (Semester units) GE Credit Area
Accountancy                     3 LDT elective
Art                     3 C1
Biology                     4 B2, B3 with Lab if taken
Business Studies                     3 LDT elective
Chemistry                     4 B1, B3 with Lab if taken
Commerce                     3 LDT elective
Computer Science                     3 LDT elective
Dance                     3 C1
Economics                     3 D
English Core                     3 C2
Engineering Graphics                     3 LDT elective
Entrepreneurship                     3 LDT elective
Environmental Sciences                     3 B1, no Lab
Geography                     3 D
Gujarati                     3 C2
History                     3 D
Home Science                     3 LDT elective
Informatics Practices                     3 LDT elective
Legal Studies                     3 LDT elective
Mathematics                     4 B4
Music- Hindustani                     3 C1
Physics                     4 B1, B3 with Lab if taken
Political Science                     3 D
Psychology                     3 D
Sociology                     3 D

*While more units in total have been approved for credit, a maximum of 30 units will be accepted per student. 2023-24 matriculated students can request the credit as well.