Required Financial Documents for International Students

As part of the application process for international applicants (i.e. those seeking F-1 status), you must submit a declaration of finance form along with the supporting financial documents.  

Once you have been admitted to SJSU, we will issue a Form I-20 and email it to you, along with your admission package. The form I-20 is the Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 students.

In order to issue your I-20, we are required to collect documentation that shows you have funds available to pay for the total estimated expenses for the first year of your academic program.

Estimated expenses include:

  • tuition
  • fees
  • living expenses
  • health insurance

You will need to show the same documents when applying for your F-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate (please keep a copy for that purpose). However, please note that your admission decision is not based on the amount or type of funding you provide. This information must be submitted by the posted deadlines and is used after you have been admitted to issue your I-20.

* Please note: If you are currently in a different immigration status (e.g. H4, F2, etc.) and wish to convert to an F1 student visa, please do NOT submit the form at the time of admission. You will need to meet with an ISSS staff member to discuss next steps.

Estimated Expenses for Regular Session Course Enrollment

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Academic Year
Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Undergraduate (12units/semester) Graduate (9 units/semester)
Tuition Fees $17,403 $16,906
Living Expenses $24,527 $24,527
Medical Insurance $2,250 $2,250
Total $44,180 $43,683
Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 Academic Year
Fall 2024 - Spring 2025 Undergraduate (12units/semester) Graduate (9 units/semester)
Tuition Fees $18,545 $17,547
Living Expenses $25,278 $25,278
Medical Insurance $2,250 $2,250
Total $46,073 $45,075

Graduate School of Business

The Graduate School of Business majors have slightly different amounts. Please refer to the Lucas Graduate School of Business website for more detailed information of the tuition breakdown. Some of these programs have higher tuition rates than what is listed above (e.g. MBA for Professionals). You must include the additional tuition rates in your total amount calculation.

*Please note that the above financial information shows the minimum costs that will be indicated on your I-20 Certificate of Visa Eligibility. Actual costs will vary depending on degree, program and personal spending. 

Financial Documents

Financial documents that demonstrate proof of funding must be in English and must:

  • Be on official bank letterhead with a stamp/seal and/or bank officer’s signature.
  • Demonstrate at least the minimum total estimated expenses for one academic year in your academic program.
  • Include an issue date that is within the recent 6 months of when you submit your online application.
  • Include the account holder’s name.
  • Include a specific amount in dollars (USD).

Dependent Support

Students wishing to have a spouse or children accompany them to San José State University (SJSU) must be able to provide proof of funding for an additional $5,000 for each family member. A copy of marriage certificate and passport are required for adding a spouse. A copy of birth certificate(s) and passport(s) are required for each child. Additional proof of funding will also be required. 

*Please note a dependent cannot serve as a sponsor.

Declaration of Finance

Submit the Declaration of Finance Form [pdf] along along with the supporting financial documents.  

Types of Financial Documentation Accepted

Type of Documentation* Acceptable Not Acceptable
Bank Letters  
Bank Statements (Savings or Checking Accounts)  
Fixed / Term / Time Deposits**  
Pre-approved/Sanctioned Loan Letters  
Scholarship Letters (Private, Government, School, etc.)  
Solvency Letter  
Employer Letters / Salary Statements  
Line of Credit Letters  
Provident (Retirement/PPF) Fund Statements  
Stock Market, Equity, or Mutual Fund Statements  
Valuation Statements (Jewelry, Gold, Property)  

*This information is required for visa eligibility determination.

** Please include a statement on bank letterhead “to be able to withdraw without penalty at any time.”

Personal budget plan

  • Tuition is set by the California State University; it is subject to change without notice.
  • Actual expenses may vary. Visit the Bursar’s Office for more information.
  • Fees include the international student tuition fee, international student health insurance, and boarding.
  • Tuition indicated above are the 2023-24 and 2024-2025 tuition rates for the academic year only (August–May).
  • The tuition is for Fall and Spring semesters and is based on the "flat tuition" model where the cost is the same for 12 units for Undergraduate and 9 units for Graduate education. Summer and Winter session tuition and fees are not included above.
  • Food and housing (also known as “boarding”) costs are based on average on-campus residence hall costs; this cost will vary slightly depending on room occupancy and residence hall.
  • Health insurance is mandatory and is listed for a full calendar year. 
  • Books and personal school supplies are not included. Students should budget $1,000–$1,500 per semester. Some programs may have significantly higher costs for supplies.
  • Personal and incidental costs are not included. Students should budget at least $1,000 per semester.
  • All above estimated costs are subject to change. Total costs typically increase five to eight percent annually.