Documents Required

After submitting your SJSU application, you will be required to submit many of the documents listed below. After applying, check your MySJSU account often for your personal required documents. 

Academic Records

Official academic records, including transcripts, mark sheets, diplomas and degrees, from every secondary (freshmen and lower division transfers) and post-secondary school you attended must be sent directly in separate sealed envelopes to SJSU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions. There are no exceptions. Copies of documents sent directly by the applicant will not be accepted or processed.

NOTE: Once submitted to SJSU, documents become the property of the university and cannot be released.

Bank Statement

Send a letter from your bank or copy of your bank statement stating the amount of liquid funds in your account (or your sponsor's account). The letter/statement must have been issued within the last six months and must be reported in U.S. dollars. If you have a sponsor, the name listed on the bank statement must match your sponsor’s name. This sponsor’s name must also be entered on your Declaration of Finance Form.

Declaration of Finance Form

We will post a link to the Declaration of Finance [pdf] form on your MySJSU account. You and your sponsor must sign the Declaration of Finance form. Your Declaration of Finance form must indicate that you or your sponsor have at least the total estimated expenses listed for the academic year you plan to attend. The Declaration of Finance form must match the account holder name on the bank statement/letter you submit. 

Copy of Passport

Submit a copy of your current passport with your current legal name. The name on your passport MUST match the name you used when you submitted your application. Your passport must be current and not less than three months from expiring.

Test Scores

Official test scores, such as TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/Duolingo and SAT/ACT must be sent directly from the testing company. If possible, please have your test scores sent electronically by the testing company. For proper identification, be sure to register for tests using the name you provided on your application and that is on your passport. Score reports for TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo and PTE over two years old are not valid. The school code for SAT and TOEFL results is 4687.

Transfer In Form

If you are transferring from another U.S. institution, you must complete the top portion of the SEVIS Transfer In Form [pdf]. Take your form and your admit letter to your school; ask them to complete the remainder of the form and send it according to the instructions provided on the form. You should make this request at the end of your last term of attendance at your former school, and before the first day of classes at SJSU.

If you are attending De Anza or Foothill College, please check in with your International Advising Office, as their process may be different.

Please note: If you are offered admission to SJSU and are coming from outside the United States, SJSU will process your I-20 form and mail it to you in your admission packet so that you may then start your F-1 visa process.

Certified English Translations

Documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by certified English translations by an approved government or school official. Notarized translations will not be accepted.

I-20 Form

If you are offered admission to SJSU and are coming from outside the United States, SJSU will process your I-20 form and email it to you so that you may start your F-1 visa process. In order to create your I-20, you must provide an international permanent home address, not a Post Office Box address, school address or agent address.


How to Submit Documents

After applying, please submit documents in the required format [pdf] using the SJSU Admissions Document Upload form. Submit documents only one time; do not send duplicates as this will cause processing delays. If a document does not meet the requirement when reviewed by a staff member, you will see a notation on your "To Do List", and must send the document as required.   

Make sure the documents are uploaded as separate PDFs. If multiple documents are combined in a single PDF file, the document will not be accepted and cannot be processed. Free PDF converters are available at or

After your documents have been submitted, your "To Do List" will be updated and you will receive an email once your documents have been uploaded into our system. It may take up to three weeks for your documents to be reviewed. Avoid delays, apply early and submit documents as soon as possible in the approved format.