Ferdinand Rivera

Ferdinand RiveraProfessor

Mathematics Education
MH 412

Research Areas

  • Mathematics Education
  • Cultural Studies


I currently study issues in generalization in arithmetical and algebraic contexts. My overall research program falls under the category of psychology of mathematics education with a focus on the development of mathematical cognition in school situations. I recently concluded longitudinal studies on pattern generalization at the elementary and middle school levels. Results of my findings are reported in various peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. My first book, Toward a Visually-Oriented School Mathematics Curriculum: Research, Theory, and Practice, which has been published as a volume in the Springer Mathematics Education Library series, addresses many of these results. My second book, Teaching and Learning Patterns in School Mathematics: Psychological and Pedagogical Considerations, is forthcoming and will be published by Springer in 2012. This school year, I am working in a Grade 1 class. I am also developing prototype models of visual animation tasks that are designed to mediate in elementary learners' understanding of hard-to-reach mathematical concepts. My research is supported by a Career grant from the National Science Foundation.


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