Welcome, mathematics majors! We want to help you succeed in your academic career. Please use the resources under the Student Resources tab above.


Your most important resource is your advisor. If you have any questions, please contact us

Being a Math Major

So you want to major in math? Welcome to the Math Major at SJSU [pdf] gives you information about math courses and degree options, possible careers, plus helpful tips about how to succeed in your course of study. Read Majoring in Math for other commonly asked questions about being a Math major. The Tips for Success page contains some suggestions to help students succeed in their courses. An article by Professor Zucker is appended at the end of the page. Read it! Finally, for financial aid, Scholarships are here to help fund you.

Math Outside the Classroom

There are Professional Organizations - if you are interested in becoming a student member of the professional mathematics organizations, check their websites for more information. Note that the SJSU Math Department is an institutional member of SIAM so that graduate students may join SIAM at no charge.

You can advance your mathematical experience by looking at InternshipsConferences, and social networks such as Young Mathematicians Network, even while being an undergraduate. Afterwards, if you are thinking about graduate school, see Graduate School Workshop [pdf] and information about graduate studies.

Other Resources at SJSU

Outside of our department, SJSU has many resources to help you.