Mohammad Saleem

Mohammad SaleemProfessor, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Analysis
MH 313

Research Areas

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematical Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Modeling


After teaching for two years at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, I came to SJSU in Fall 1990. Since then I have taught courses like Calculus, Finite Math, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis. I have also worked as an Ames Associate, conducting research at Nasa-Ames Research Center. My field of interest is Numerical Analysis and Computational Aerodynamics with publications in both. I have also been involved with CAMCOS projects and the solution of Fokker-Plank Equation as an integral equation. Since the fall of 2008, I have been involved with Pre-Calculus and Calculus workshops designed to enhance student success through problem solving. I am a member of the MAA and SIAM, and have given talks at conferences in the USA and abroad.