About Us

The San Jose Math Department is home to an eclectic array of faculty, lecturers, and teaching associates. We are guided by our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at San Jose State University is to offer undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in Mathematics that prepare students to pursue continuing graduate study, to work in industry, and to teach in secondary schools or community colleges. We strive to teach our students to communicate mathematical ideas effectively and to use basic computational skills, mathematical models and technology to solve practical problems. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a variety of courses that serve students in other departments, notably engineering, science, and business, to help them use mathematics and quantitative analysis effectively in their chosen field. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics strives to teach well, maintain high standards for student performance, and keep its curriculum up to date. The Department also takes pride in a faculty that is active in scholarship and research, which includes the encouragement and supervision of student research in Center for Applied Mathematics, Computation and Statistics (CAMCOS) projects and graduate student theses.

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