Weekly Colloquium

The Math Department invites speakers to give talks at our weekly Colloquium (Wednesday afternoons at 3). We encourage the students to attend these talks. We offer a combination of math talks, career talks as well as a workshop on applying to Ph.D. programs.

In addition to our Colloquium, there are many other talks and colloquia going on at other Bay Area institutions. Check their websites for more information. Here is a short list.

The students are also encouraged to attend mathematics conferences which have been including activities tailored for undergraduate students.

Local and National Mathematics Conferences

Here is a a list of some local and national conferences.

Conference Date Location Student Participation Opportunities
Joint Math Meetings (AMS, MAA, SIAM) Early January National Posters and Talks; Special Talks for students; Book sales; social events for students
Northern CA, NV and HI Section (MAA) Meeting February Bay Area Posters
Northern California Undergraduate Mathematics Conference* Mid-April Bay Area Talks; Very accessible to students
Bay Area Discrete Math Day (aka: BAD Math Day) April and October Bay Area  
College of Science Research Day** Early May SJSU Posters
Mathfest Early August National Talks and Posters; Most talks are accessible to students
Biology and Mathematics in the Bay Area (aka: BaMBA) Mid November Bay Area Posters

* The speakers are mostly undergraduate students.

**All posters are results of student research at SJSU.