Martina Bremer

Martina BremerProfessor

Statistics, Biostatistics
MH 318A

Research Areas

  • Statistics
  • Bioinformatics


I am a statistician with an interest in bioinformatics. In particular, I am interested in the analysis and interpretation of microarray data. DNA Microarrays (or gene chips) exist for many organisms - animals, plants, and humans. They are used to measure the extent to which many genes (humans have about 30,000 protein coding genes) are “turned on” at any given time. Researchers are interested in measuring gene expression to study which genes are associated with a particular condition such as cancer.

Genes are influenced by many things: external factors that an organism is subjected to (e.g., drought for plants or disease for humans) but genes and proteins also influence each other in a complicated network. Is it possible to identify genes that are up or down regulated by other genes or by proteins in time course microarray data? This question is investigated using a state space model for gene regulation in my thesis [pdf].