Jordan Schettler

Jordan SchettlerAssociate Professor

Number Theory
MH 417


Research Areas

  • Algebraic & Analytic Number Theory
  • Connections of Math to Art and Music


I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains. From an early age, I had interests in both the arts and the sciences. I had a talent for mathematics but dreamed of becoming an artist and musician. I did not realize at the time that mathematics and creativity pair very nicely, and my path to becoming a mathematician turned out to be a nonstandard one: I spent a year after high school washing dishes at a BBQ restaurant and then stocking auto parts for a warehouse in 'Mechanicsville'. In my spare time, I would contemplate the irrationality/transcendence of pi, the distribution of prime numbers, properties of the Riemann zeta function, and other number theoretic topics. My parents and grandparents were extremely supportive of my ambition, and I owe much of my happiness and academic success to them. I obtained my PhD from the University of Arizona in 2012 under the supervision of William McCallum. I met the love of my life Dana in Tucson, and we married soon after moving to Santa Barbara, California, where I held a postdoctoral position for 3 years. We now have children Lukas & Quinn and are very excited to be in the Bay Area.

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