Looking to Buy Something?

We are committed to assisting you in obtaining your procure to pay commodity and service needs in a timely and professional manner. The following are guidelines to assist in this process.

How can I procure...?

Please refer to the Procure to Pay Guidelines to determine the appropriate Way to Pay for frequently purchased goods and services.


Guidance for New Employees

What Can I Buy?

The university is able to pay for a wide range of commodities and services to support the operation of the campus. Department staff are responsible for coordinating procurement activities within their department.

How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Submit a Request?

There are different procurement methods available (see Ways To Pay).  Please work with your department admin to determine next steps.

Other Considerations

Pre-approval may be required for the purchase of goods and services regardless of cost and method of payment. Please review Special Approvals and Special Requirements before submitting your procurement request.

Getting Familiar with Policies and Guidelines

Department staff and managers should become familiar with our Forms and Resources when making financial or purchasing decisions for their department.

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