This 60-semester-unit graduate level program centers around a required core of academic coursework that meets the educational requirements for the California State Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) license and the California Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC). 

At this time, we only have a full-time program that is typically completed in 2 years.  Students enter as a cohort in the Fall and take the following classes:

First Year Graduate Curriculum

Fall Semester

PSYC 203A        Clinical Assessment                                             3 units

PSYC 211          Advanced Child Psychopathology                        3 units

PSYC 222          Gender & Ethnic Issues in Counseling Therapy   3 units

PSYC 228          Professional Ethics for Psychologists                   3 units

PSYC 258          Methods Psychotherapy/Counseling Procedures  3 units

Spring Semester

PSYC 209          Psychology of Contemporary Families                 3 units

PSYC 210          Advanced Adult Psychopathology                        3 units

PSYC 212          Life Span Development                                        3 units

PSYC 225          Group Counseling                                                 3 units

PSYC 232          Clinical Psychopharmacology                               3 units

Second Year Graduate Curriculum

Fall Semester

PSYC 224A        Clinical Psychology Practicum I                            3 units

PSYC 226          Addictions and Treatment                                      3 units

PSYC 243          Field Work                                                              3 units

PSYC 260          Crisis and Trauma Counseling                               3 units

PSYC 298          Master's Project                                                     3 units

Spring Semester 

PSYC 208          Family Therapy (Family and Couples)                    3 units

PSYC 224B       Clinical Psychology Practicum II                              3 units

PSYC 243          Field Work                                                               3 units

PSYC 291          Methods and Design for Applied Research             3 units

PSYC 298          Master's Project                                                       3 units


Here is a link to the full Psychology Catalog.