Recent Theses

Year Author Title Advisor Committee Members
2022 Diego R. Gómez The Influence of Happiness on the Perception of Ingroup and Outgroup Stereotypes Arlene Asuncion Mildred Alvarez Valerie Carr  
2022 Kayla M. Gray Videoconferencing and Social Anxiety CJ Duh Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Valerie Carr  
2022 Emily Massiello Gender Minority Stress and Psychological Inflexibility on Psychological Distress in TGNC Adults CJ Duh Matthew Capriotti Christina Tzeng  
2022 Rakshitha Mohankumar The Influence of Cultural Stigma on Perceptions of Mental Illness Christine Ma-Kellams Valerie Carr Christina Tzeng  
2021 Molly Ackerman-Pulliam A Meta-Analysis of Youth Gender Prejudice Interventions Gregory Feist Christine Ma-Kellams Mildred Alvarez  
2021 Sana Tariq Ahmed The Language of the Creative Person: Validating the Use of Linguistic Analysis to Assess Creativity Gregory Feist Christina Tzeng William T. McCraw  
2021 Elliot David Ansari Differences in Brand-Logo Size Preferences Between Racial/Ethnic Groups Christine Ma-Kellams Sean Laraway Valerie Carr  
2021 Hyong Woo Hahm The Distracted Learner: Exploring the Relationship Between Media Multitasking and Online Learning Valerie Carr Evan Palmer Patrick Cravalho  
2021 Sovannie Len Building Multicultural Intelligence: Revisioning Stories in Popular Media to Teach Cultural Relativism CJ Duh Christine Ma-Kellams Mildred Alvarez  
2021 My Ngoc Thach Nguyen Stigma and Help-Seeking Intentions Among Asian Subethnic Groups Christine Ma-Kellams Christina Tzeng CJ Duh  
2021 Mitzi D. Ochoa Examining the Effects of Power Posing on Stress Reactivity and Performance Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Kimeron Hardin Megumi Hosoda  
2021 Matthew A. Reynolds The Relationship Between Different Forms of Exercise and ADHD Symptomatology Valerie Carr Matthew Capriotti Peggy Plato  
2020 Zachary Luke Glaros Influence of Night Work on Performance During Lunar Telerobotic Operations Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Erin Flynn-Evans  
2020 Nhat Quang Le Inducing the Overview Effect Using Virtual Reality Evan Palmer Gregory Feist Sean Laraway  
2020 Madison Morocco A Meta-Analysis of fMRI Studies on Emotion Processing in Major Depressive Disorder Valerie Carr Matthew Capriotti Erin Woodhead  
2020 Laura Ann Muratore Disordered Eating in Gender Minority Adults: An Evaluation and Integration of the Gender Minority Stress and Resilience Model and the Tripartite Influence Model Matthew Capriotti David Schuster Glenn Callaghan  
2020 Timothy John Rossomando The Persuasiveness of Male Models in Advertisements and their Effect on Body Image as Moderated by Self-Monitoring Level Christine Ma-Kellams Clifton Oyamot Arlene Asuncion  
2019 Vanessa Noemy Bermudez Bilingual Development: Langauge Input at Home in Sequential Spanish-English Children CJ Duh Mildred Alvarez Virginia Marchman  
2019 Ian Anderson Cooke A Comparative Study of the Influence Level of Automation and Reliability of IDS Systems on Cyber Situation Awareness David Schuster Sean Laraway Evan Palmer  
2019 Malina Her Children's Books as Cultural Products: A Qualitative Study of Cultural Representation in Hmong and Non-Hmong American Books CJ Duh Mildred Alvarez Jessica Grady  
2019 Ghazaleh Mahzouni The Top-Down Influences of Characteristic Sounds on Visual Search Performance in Realistic Scenes Cary Feria Evan Palmer Mark Van Selst  
2019 Brissa N. Ortega Jaimes The Effect of A Handshake on Psychosocial Stress Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Megumi Hosoda Patrick Cravalho  
2019 Katarzyna Maria Sliwinska Exploring the Gamification Paradox: Why Does Improved Engagement Not Lead to Improved Performance? Evan Palmer Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski  
2019 Quy Minh Vu The Effects of Culture and Gender Roles on the Efficacy of Social Support as a Coping Mechanism for Stress Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Megumi Hosoda Arlene Asuncion  
2018 David Amy Effects of Caffeine Administered During Consolidation on Verdical and False Memory Valerie Carr David Schuster Gregory Feist  
2018 Maria del Pilar Bianchi Bosch The Mere Presence Effect: Attentional Bias Promoted by Smartphone Presence Evan Palmer Valerie Carr Susan Snycerski  
2018 Chalise Carlson Associative Memory Performance Following Periods of Wakeful Rest and Technological Distraction Valerie Carr Evan Palmer Susan Snycerski  
2018 Lauren Claudatos The Effect of Automating Routine Tasks on Air Traffic Controller Conflict Detection Performance Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Joey Mercer  
2018 Ruth Cogan The Influence of Priming on Power Posing Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Valerie Carr Gregory Feist  
2018 Cassandra Durkee Different Methods of Embodied Cognition in Pedagogy and its Effectiveness in Student Learning Robert Cooper Ronald Rogers Gregory Feist  
2018 Cheuk Yue Fung Learning Chinese Characters and German Words Using Multimedia Cary Feria Mildred Alvarez CJ Duh  
2018 Andrew Guydish Personality, Technology, and Learning Gregory Feist Evan Palmer David Schuster  
2018 Nicole Henderson Relationship between Aerobic Capacity and Episodic Memory in Older Adults Valerie Carr David Schuster Erin Woodhead  
2018 Jonathan Leventhal Autonomy in Video Games and Gamification Evan Palmer David Schuster Gregory Feist  
2018 Erin Thomas Pereida Minority Stress Impacts In-Group Attitudes and Reactions to Masculinity Threat of Gay Men Matthew Capriotti Clifton Oyamot Arlene Asuncion  
2018 Elizabeth Shallal Personality, Motivation, and the War Between Facebook and Twitter Gregory Feist Clifton Oyamot CJ Duh  
2018 Chad Aaron Smith The Effecs of Eccentricity and Saliency on Visual Attention in Avionic Displays Clifton Oyamot Martine Godfroy-Cooper Sean Laraway  
2018 Steven L. Wu Psychological Presence in Immersive Virtual Environments Evan Palmer David Schuster Robert Bruce  
2017 Carlos Alberto Almeida The Effects of Acute Stress on Multiple Object Tracking Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Cary Feria Robert Cooper  
2017 Erick Arambula The Effects of Alcohol and Stress on Cognitive Performance Mark Van Selst Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Gregory Feist  
2017 Preston Brown The Effect of Video Game Play on Human Performance: An Investigation of Cognitive Skill Transfer Mechanisms David Schuster Sean Laraway Cary Feria  
2017 Carrie Adrian Davis Examining a Hierarchical Linear Regression Model of Overgeneral Memory: Methodological Issues, CaR-FA-X Model Mechanisms, and Memory Encoding as Represented by Cognitive Attributional Style Mark Van Selst Annabel Prins Gregory Feist Sean Laraway
2017 Bethany Dudley The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Academic Performance among San José State University Students Gregory Feist Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Clifton Oyamot  
2017 Eldita Tarani Affective and Cognitive Effects of Awe in Predicting Hopelessness and Brooding Rumination Gregory Feist Valerie Carr Howard Tokunaga  
2016 Jennifer M. Brennan Mindfulness Modulated Attention with Neurofeedback in Multiple Object Tracking Cary Feria Valerie Carr Mark Van Selst  
2016 Zachary Alan Caddick Evaluating Contradicting and Confirming Evidence: A Study on Beliefs and Motivated Reasoning Gregory Feist Robert Cooper Ronald Rogers  
2016 Ashley Allison Cain Trust and Complacency in Cyber Security David Schuster Sean Laraway Clifton Oyamot  
2016 Kallan Kay Christensen The Effects of Online Course Pedagogies on Learning and Cognitive Workload Ronald Rogers Sean Laraway David Schuster  
2016 Gita Sierra Hodell The Effects of Repeated Global Self-Adapted Testing on Online Statistics Performance Sean Laraway Ronald Rogers Susan Snycerski  
2016 Victor Kwan Psychopathology and Creativity Among Creative and Non-Creative Professions Gregory Feist Erin Woodhead Robert Cooper  
2016 Gabrielle Mary Rodgers Can Positive Mood or Mindfulness Interventions Increase Body Satisfaction? Mark Van Selst Erin Woodhead Gregory Feist  
2016 Cyrus Sarrafpour Cultural Influences in Political Ideology: Conservatism and Vertical Individualism Clifton Oyamot Gregory Feist Sean Laraway  
2016 Hoeun Sim The Effects of Discrete Emotions on Risky Decision Making Clifton Oyamot Arlene Asuncion Gregory Feist  
2016 Charles Jia Yao Xie Trust, Reciprocity, Fairness, and Mind Reading Under Stress Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Gregory Feist Matthew Holian  
2015 Nicholas Glenn Bathurst Using a Self-Management Project to Improve Student Performance in an Online Introductory Statistics Course Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Ronald Rogers  
2015 Thomas Farleigh Gender Differences in Stress, Alcohol Consumption, and Cigarette Use among College Students at San José State University Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Laurie Morgan  
2015 Sherrie Jagolino The Effects of Gender, Physical Attractiveness, and Socioeconomic Status on Initial Attraction Arlene Asuncion Megumi Hosoda Mildred Alvarez  
2015 Megan Malmstrom Personality Traits and Deception Detection Ability Among College Students with Primary Psychopathic Traits Gregory Feist Clifton Oyamot Erin Woodhead  
2015 Jennifer L. Miller Sex Role Type as a Predictor of Gender Stereotype Use in the Evaluation of Others: Does Being Atypical Preclude Sex Typing of Others? Clifton Oyamot Gregory Feist Mildred Alvarez  
2015 Hardeep K. Obhi Orientations to happiness, Ethnic Identity, and Life Satisfaction among Older Adults Mildred Alvarez Arlene Asuncion Tammie Pitkin  
2014 Gabriel Krikor Arden Predicting Risky Sexual Behavior in College Students: Preliminary Results From the National College Health Assessment at San José State University Sean Laraway Gregory Feist Clifton Oyamot  
2014 Rocio Luna Covert Visual Spatial Attention: Effects of Voluntary and Involuntary Attention on Channel Enhancement and Channel Selection Kevin Jordan Sean Laraway Shu-Chieh Wu  
2014 Melissa Luu Perspiration and Motivation: An Examination of Body Image and Exercise Gregory Feist Mildred Alvarez Arlene Asuncion  
2014 Eurika B. Marina Effects of Happiness on Gender Stereotyping in Social Perception Arlene Asuncion Gregory Feist Mildred Alvarez  
2014 Sean Pradhan The ABC's of Being a Fan: An Operant Analysis of Sports Consumption Behavior Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Clifton Oyamot Tamar Semerjian
2014 Kelsea Marie Ryan Intentional Weight Loss among Healthy Women: Behavior Patterns and Psychological Concerns Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Clifton Oyamot  
2014 Blanca Tapia Stereotype Threat, Self-Affirmation, and Women's Statistics Performance Clifton Oyamot Arlene Asuncion Ronald Rogers  
2014 Maria Esperanza Vargas Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Causal Attribution Differences Lead Responders to Seek for Proposer's Face Arlene Asuncion Sean Laraway Dong-Woo Choi  
2013 Barrett Anderson Funding Sources of Impactful and Transformative Research Gregory Feist Kevin Jordan Mark Van Selst  
2013 Katherine Casey Effectiveness of Peer Mentoring in First-Year Program Classrooms Ronald Rogers Andrew Wood Cary Feria  
2013 Lauren Elizabeth Castellano Psychopathy and Deception Detection Gregory Feist Clifton Oyamot Robert Cooper  
2013 Nima Chhay Use of Stair Prompts to Encourage Physical Activity Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Marjorie Freedman  
2013 Carolyn Chu Accent-Based Implicit Prejudice: A Novel Application of the Implicit Association Test Clifton Oyamot Megumi Hosoda Arlene Asuncion  
2013 Danielle Craven The Impact of Social Dominance on Gender Biasing and Evaluations for Men and Women in Leadership Roles Arlene Asuncion Megumi Hosoda Mildred Alvarez  
2013 Joseph P. Hennessee Assessing the San José State University Simultaneous Polydrug Use Questionnaire - Online (SJSU SPUQ - Online) A Pilot Study Sean Laraway Susan Snycerski Mark Van Selst  
2013 Laura Beth Jones My Team Drinks: An Analysis of Alcohol Consumption Norms Among Adolescent Athletes Clifton Oyamot Robert Cooper Gregory Feist  
2013 Jung Eun Lee Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fields: The Importance of the Need to Belong and Self-Esteem on the Intention to Leave a Job Gregory Feist Ronald Rogers Sean Laraway  
2013 Devon Lundberg Ratings of Moderately and Highly Qualified Wheelchair-Bound Job Applicants in High- and Low-Information Situations Arlene Asuncion Sean Laraway Megumi Hosoda  
2013 Daniel C. Miao Relationship between Cognitive Functions and Hormones Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland Sean Laraway Mark Van Selst  
2013 Arnold E. Sanchez Ordaz The Effects of Ethnicity, Compassion, and Culture on the Attribution of Guilt Arlene Asuncion Mildred Alvarez Clifton Oyamot  
2013 Joseph Daniel Zoland Attention Restoration Theory in Gaming as it Pertains to Subsequent Academic Learning Ronald Rogers Sean Laraway Laree Huntsman