BA in Psychology

The following video provides a discussion and overview of the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. PLEASE WATCH to learn about the degree requirements.

Meet with or contact a Psychology major advisor if you have additional questions. See Psychology Advising homepage for advisors’ availability & how to get advising.  


IMPORTANT points discussed in the BA Degree in Psychology video:

  1. The lower-division major biology preparation course includes:  BIOL 21 Human Biology (with lab) OR BIOL 65 Human Anatomy (with lab) OR BIOL 65O Human Anatomy Online (with lab). This course is a prerequisite for Psychology 30 (Psychobiology) & may be completed at a community college (if it is equivalent to the SJSU courses listed above)

  2. “Psychology electives” are any Psychology courses (PSYC or STAT prefix) not used elsewhere in the major (e.g., if you use PSYC 110 to fulfill the 110/142 major requirement, you can use PSYC 142 as a Psychology Upper-division elective).

    1. 3 Psychology electives are required for the major
    2. ONLY 1 Psychology elective can be a LOWER-DIVISION class (numbered below 100 or from a community college.
    3. 2 Psychology electives must be UPPER-DIVISION courses (numbered above 100 & not from a community college). ***Note:  all 3 Psychology electives may be upper-division classes (if no lower-division elective is taken)
    4. Psychology 191 (Psychology of Prejudice) may be used BOTH as an Upper-division Psychology elective AND to fulfill Area S (Self & Society) of the SJSU Studies requirement.

  3. “University electives” are any courses offered by the University (possibly including additional psychology coursework).  Some students may need to take “University electives” [in addition to university, major, and minor (if applicable) requirements] to meet the 120 unit minimum graduation requirement.

If you have additional questions, go to the Psychology Advising homepage for advisors’ availability & how to get advising (in-person, online via Zoom, or via email).