Advising: Get Advising

Spring 2023 Advising (Jan 25 - May 15, except March 27-31)

Advising: How to Get Help

Psychology major advisors provide undergraduate students guidance on completing their psychology degree requirements, general degree requirements, and career advice. We recommend that you check-in with a major advisor at least once a year. You can get advice from a psychology major advisor through:

  • Preferred: Meeting with them in-person or via zoom. See below for more information
  • Emailing advising: see below for more information

In addition to major advisors, students can greatly benefit from:

  • Visiting faculty during their office hours.  Your psychology instructors are here to assist you in their classes, as well as providing important mentoring and informal career guidance.
  • Visiting the ACCESS Center advisors. These advisors are especially helpful in navigating your general SJSU graduation requirements (e.g., lower division GE, SJSU Studies), as well as providing guidance if you've encountered significant challenges that affect your ability to do well in your classes.
  • Graduate advising is done through the appropriate graduate program. Our graduate program information can be found here.

Meeting with a Psychology Advisor

Listed below are the drop-in and appointment options for meeting with psychology advisors. You may meet with any advisor.

At the bottom of the page is information for contacting advisors via email.

If you have have trouble scheduling an appointment using the Spartan Connect link:


* the in-person and online appointments link to the Spartan Connect app

Dr. Cheryl Chancellor-Freeland, 408-924-5645, DMH 317

Dr. Megumi Hosoda, 408-924-5637, DMH 315

Dr. Mark Van Selst, 408-924-5674, DMH 314

  • Monday 10:30 - 1:30 (drop in, in person, may be accessible by Zoom) [online only Feb 6, 13], DMH 314
  • Tuesday 10:30 - 1:00 (drop in, online, Zoom) (no meeting Feb 2, Mar 14, 21, April 18, May 16)
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 12:00 (in person, appointments (may be accessible by Zoom by prior arrangement)(zoom only FEB 15) (no meetings March 15, 22; May 17)
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 1:30 (drop in, in person - may be accessible by Zoom by prior arrangement) (zoom only FEB 15) (no meetings March 15, 22; May 17)

Dr. Arlene Asuncion, 408-924-5609, DMH 322

Email Advising:  

  • Using will send your question to every member of the advising team. One of our advisors will reply to your query.
    If you wish to correspond with a specific advisor, put their name in the subject line (Subject: Dr. Asuncion – [topic of email])
  • Emails will generally be answered during regular business hours (M – F, 9 – 5).  Periods of high demand may result in delayed responding. If you have not received a reply in about 3-5 days, it is appropriate to send a polite follow-up inquiry.
  • Email for emergency (time-critical) advising inquiries can be emailed to and cc'd the Chair of the department,

College of Social Sciences - Study Abroad Info Session
February 8, 2023
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Come join advisors from the Study Abroad & Away office and the Academic Counseling Center for Excellence in the Social Sciences (ACCESS) to learn about unique program opportunities for CoSS students and important things to keep in mind when planning to study abroad or away!