Policies & FAQ

Prospective Student Frequently Asked Questions and Program Policies

 The following are a collection of frequently asked questions and policies created by the MS Clinical Program for those not currently enrolled in the program.  

Do you offer early acceptance for admissions?

We do not offer any early acceptance or pre-acceptance to the program. All applications are due February 1 and are evaluated at the same time to begin mid to late August of that year. 

Can I enroll part-time in the program?

Currently, we only accept students into the program for full-time study. This allows students to move together through the program in a single cohort. Under special circumstances, students have begun as full-time students but continued the program taking classes part-time after their first semester. This is a decision that is made by the Clinical Committee and is based entirely on the circumstances of that student. Not all requests to engage part-time study are granted. 

Can I work full-time while in the program?

Our program is very demanding with respect to time and intellectual energy. While some students work part time, this can be challenging to do in this program. 

The university requires students commit a minimum of 3 hours per unit per week to their courses. This means each course needs 9 hours of time dedicated to it to succeed. Our program requires you take 5 classes each semester which totals a minimum commitment of 45 hours per week. 

Many students state they spend an average of 50 or more hours per week attending class, reading, studying, writing papers, and engaging in other course related activities. 

I am an international student, how do I apply?

Please see our Applications link for links and information. You will need to follow the requirements set by the University. 

Do you offer scholarships or tuition waivers?

The Department of Psychology and the University have a variety of scholarships available.

Please visit the following links: 
Department scholarships
Graduate Studies scholarships
University scholarships
University financial aid

The MS Clinical program does not offer scholarships or tuition waivers. 

Can I pursue both the MFT and LPCC tracks at the same time? 

Yes you can. This is often called dual tracking. Be sure to see the link on this site on licensing considerations to know that the pre-degree demands for LPCC students are greater and sometimes harder to meet in two years. 

When will I begin the program if I am accepted?

Students begin when the University returns to session after the summer break, usually mid to late August of the year you apply to the program. 

When will I graduate if I am accepted into the program?

Most students graduate in May of their second year in the program. Some students delay graduation until August to complete pre-degree licensing requirements.

If I am accepted to the program, can I delay my start date or begin a year later?

No, there are no deferrals or delays in start dates. You are required to begin the program the year you apply. 

I am not enrolled in the MS Clinical program, but want to take a clinical graduate course, can I do that?

Unfortunately, no. We currently do not allow students from outside the program to take courses in the MS Clinical program. 

I have taken classes from another clinical graduate program, can I transfer those into the program if I am accepted?

Students who wish to be admitted into our program after having taken courses at other universities may apply for admission to our program like any other student seeking admission.

We have a specific policy about accepting transferred course units into the MS program. Generally we do not accept graduate courses transferred from another graduate program taken at another university. However, on a case-by-case basis, individual courses will be reviewed by the appropriate faculty members and the Clinical Committee to determine if those courses may be transferred into our program.

Consistent with other graduate programs and SJSU policy, we allow up to two courses maximally to be transferred. Clinical contact courses are not transferable (e.g., courses in practicum, fieldwork, clinic, clinical assessment). Non-clinical contact courses that are transferred do not have to be re-taken.

I am currently taking a prerequisite course and don't yet have the grade, what should I do on the application?

Just note the course you are taking, where you are taking it, and when you expect to have that grade. If your application moves forward to the next round of decisions, we will contact you requesting your grade. 

Can I apply to the program if I am missing a prerequisite course?

Typically your application will be considered if you are only missing one course required by the program. You need to clearly state (or note) how you will complete this course (where, when) before the program starts in mid to late August of that year. 

Missing two or more prerequisite classes will often cause that application to be considered incomplete.