Psychology Minors

The Department of Psychology offers the two minors listed below.  Please follow the links to learn more.

BEFORE contacting an advisor, watch the following video which describes the process involved in declaring or changing your minor to Psychology. NOTE: Addition of MINOR discussion begins at approximately 12:48 until the end.

IMPORTANT: Details for ADDING OR CHANGING your MINOR  to Psychology discussed in video (starts at approximately 12:48 in video). Summary below.

  1. Review the requirements for the Minor in Psychology or the Human Systems Integration (HSI) minor

  2. Run a “What if” degree progress report from your Academics page on MySJSU (see video for instructions)

    1. UPDATE: To access the "What if" report, go to your Academics page on MySJSU. Click on the 3 DOTS at the top right hand corner of the box. From drop-down menu, click on "What-if Report"; on next page, click on "Create New Report". Follow instructions in video.

  3. Meet with a Psychology major advisor to request an official addition of a MINOR in Psychology or in Human Systems Integration (HSI)

If you have additional questions, go to the Psychology Advising homepage for advisors’ availability & how to get advising (in-person, online via Zoom, or via email).