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Are you an SJSU Student who wants to change/add a major or minor in Psychology?

  • All potential Psychology Majors need to have a history of PSYC/STAT at SJSU (2.75 GPA) prior to joining Psychology (Major declaration requirements [pdf] on the Department policy page).
  • All changes of Major and Minor are done by the advisor, we do not use the .pdf change of major/ minor forms.
  • You can run a "what if" degree progress report in MySJSU MyAcademics to see what outstanding requirements for graduation with a Psychology major or minor would be. You should also let the advisor know if there are any possible courses taken elsewhere that are not included in the 'what if' report as meeting a psychology requirement.

Progress to Degree

  • Log in to MySJSU, use "degree progress" to access your "academic advising report" via the MyAcademics page (if you are not a psychology major use "what if" [generally BA Psychology Fall 2019 or later plan year]).
  • If you have non-SJSU coursework, check for course articulation between your former school and SJSU — just because it has a similar name does NOT mean the course will automatically qualify. Similarly, even if we do not have a posted articulation agreement with your transfer institution, we MAY accept the course (see an advisor to confirm any non-posted articulation — you MAY need the information that we request on the equivalency form for us to edit the degree progress report so that the report says what you 'really' need to take. A lower-division course (i.e., anything from a community college) will not articulate against an upper-division course (SJSU course number 100+).
  • If you have AP, IB, or CLEP credits, you will need to send an official transcript to SJSU.
  • First-semester transfer students may not have their full transcripts posted yet and may be changed from a generic BA plan to a more specialized "Associate Degree for Transfer" plan once the ADT has been verified. For this reason, ADT students should NOT request course equivalency substitutions in their first semester.
  • Psychology majors are assigned to a provisional advisor based on their last name. However, students may consult with any advisor.


  • Use the MySJSU MyAcademics online link to apply for graduation (choose the appropriate semester for all degree requirements that will be met [set your "progress report"]). If the "apply for graduation" link on your mysjsu myacademics page is not present, and you have completed 85 units, contact an advisor. You should apply approximately a year before the term in which you expect to fulfill all degree requirements (the application 'deadlines' posted online are used to determine priority registration status and enrollment unit limitations).
  • Meet with your Minor Advisor (if applicable) to determine what is needed for your minor (major forms are generally not needed, a minor form may or may not be needed).
  • Because of the high degree of potential overlap, double-majors or those majoring in Psychology with an HSI minor may need to use .pdf major/minor forms — check with an advisor.
  • Current Forms (Psychology)
  • SJSU Graduation Pages

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