Natalie Boero

Natalie Boero

Chair & Professor
Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

medical sociology, kidney disease, race, social determinants of health, qualitative, illness narrative, health

Current Research Activities

My current research looks at the experience of patients undergoing kidney dialysis in the United States. I also look at the social/medical history of kidney disease and how the distribution and treatment of kidney disease varies between the United States and various European nations.


Research Connections to Current Events

My current research is relevant to current debates around the financing and provision of healthcare in the United States. My research also concerns racial inequities in the prevalence and incidence of end stage renal disease in the United States and debates around the place of organ transplantation and for-profit dialysis centers in treating end stage renal disease.


Personal Connections to Research

My experience as a medical sociologist and as an individual concerned with racial and economic justice have lead me to be particularly interested in conduction research around the social distribution and the social determinants of health.


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