Frances L. Edwards

Frances L. EdwardsProfessor

Political Science





Current Research Activities

My overall research is focused on emergency management and homeland security issues. My current focus is water policy in California, cybersecurity, and the evolution of emergency management since the issuing of PPD-8, making sweeping changes to the post- 9/11 emergency response policies.

Research Connections to Current Events

Being freed of the day to day administration of an emergency management and homeland security program allows me to think about specific programs and challenges, and look at ways to improve policies and practices. Being able to work with students on these issues adds to my own knowledge through their insights and research work.

Personal Connections to Research

I lived for two years in Yokohama, Japan where I experienced numerous earthquakes, two if which were quite damaging. I was fascinated by the way my Japanese neighbors calmly dealt with the shaking and its aftermath, with each household being prepared to independently deal with the event, as well as being organized on a neighborhood basis for response. I was able to apply the lessons I learned in Japan to my ancillary job of helping with community outreach when I worked for the Irvine Police Department. This led to my interest in and study of emergency preparedness in general.