Ahoura Zandiatashbar

Ahoura Zandiatashbar

Assistant Professor

Department of Urban and Regional Planning




Economic Geography, Built Environment, Healthy City, Active Mobility

Current Research Activities

My research activities address a range of questions in urban economy, micromobility and healthy cities areas including what are the impacts of high-tech economic geography (i.e., clusters) on the surrounding communities? How do these impacts differ across different high-tech industries? And does data support the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design theoretical concept? And if so, does this stand equally across different crime types? How successful has the SJ Bike system been in attracting riders and users from minority communities?


Research Connections to Current Events

My research on high-tech clusters cope with the rise of anchor/high-tech based economic development/urban revitalization (e.g., Google-San Jose new development) particularly in the Bay Area and the City of San Jose as well as the City's effort in expanding bike system and achieving their vision zero goal with a focus on environmental justice to attract bikers from all groups and lastly encouraging transit ridership in the post pandemic era as it has been highly impacted by crime rate across the U.S. and more particularly in the bay area.


Personal Connections to Research

The work on San Jose Bikeways system and crime are driven by my personal motivation in San Jose to support expansion of infrastructure for non-auto transportation infrastructure which is a big change in a very auto-dominated area like San Jose; and my research can support related policy development. More particularly, the book; Confessions of a Recovering Engineer: Transportation for a Strong Town, is keeping me motivated to use my work for making a strong San Jose Town.


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