Kathrine Richardson

Kathrine Richardson

Department of Urban & Regional Planning


high skilled migration, high skilled labor mobility, borders, cross border regions, Canada-U.S. relations, Cascadia, Vancouver, B.C.

Current Research Activities 

I examine flows of highly skilled professionals across international borders primarily in North America and the Asia Pacific. I study how borders can be facilitators and/or impediments to these actors and their work.


Research Connections to Current Events

My research helps to inform policy development around international labor mobility policy and international border managements for federal levels of government.


Personal Connections to Research

I lived in the cross border region of Cascadia, a geographical area between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington when I was a university student. Thus, my friends and I would always take weekend trips from the Seattle area to Vancouver, Canada. I always found it so exhilarating to cross the international border into a foreign country, that is so similar to the U.S., yet so different. This excitement and line of questioning still propels my research interests.