Matthew Spangler

Matthew Spangler

Department of Communication Studies


refugees, asylum-seekers, immigration, theatre, literature, history 

Current Research Activities

How are refugees, asylum-seekers, and immigrants represented through public texts and live performances? How have these representations changed over time? How do immigrants choose to represent themselves? How are they represented by non-immigrant authors? What are the representational politics of these acts of representation?


Research Connections to Current Events

As the subject of immigration, especially as it concerns refugees and asylum-seekers, has grown ever-more politicized in recent years in the United States, Ireland, and Britian (my primary geographical areas of research), the central questions associated with my research have gained increasing urgency. Moreover, the number of refugees in the world is higher than it has ever been, affecting 110,000,000 people globally, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. 


Personal Connections to Research

I have been inspired by a number of readings and people, prime among them, James Joyce's fiction.