Bryce Westlake


Bryce Westlake  

Associate Professor

Department of Justice Studies



Child sexual abuse, child sexual exploitation, biometrics, digital forensics, computer
forensics, BDSM, alternative sexuality

Current Research Activities

My research interests are digital forensics, biometric identification, child sexual abuse material, cybercrime, and BDSM, and the law. One of my primary research focuses currently is on the use of automated collection tools with biometrics (e.g., voice, face, etc) detection tools to aid in the identification of child sexual abuse material.

In collaboration with an international team of researchers, including law enforcement agencies and government partnerships, my primary research focuses on developing automated tools to combat the distribution of child sexual abuse material (i.e., child pornography) online. This research aims to destigmatize participation through a deeper understanding of the social and emotional enrichment that practitioners receive from activities.

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