Johnny Ramirez

Johnny Ramirez

Assistant Professor
Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies


Intergenerational Healing, Chicanx/Latinx youth, At-Promise youth, Youth Participatory Action Research, Chicano/Latino Masculinities, Sacred Spaces

Current Research Activities

My currrent research inquiry is guided by examining how indigenous-centered healing practices impact the social and emotional wellness and academic achievements of Chicanx/Latinx youth populations.


Research Connections to Current Events

Emerging research is indication the negative impacts that the global pandemic had on the social emotional learning, academic development and overall wellness of youth of color from marginalized communities. My research agenda is committed to amplifying the cultural responsive and sustainable ways that community based organizations that utilize a healing justice and indigenous centered framework to enage in intergenerational healing outcomes within Communities of Color in particular. 


Personal Connections to Research

On a personal note, I am a healing journey that utilizes the indigenous centered healing practices and I am also a certified Circle Keeper for the National Compadres Network:


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