Dan Brook

Dan BrookSociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences


What research questions/issues currently preoccupy you?

I research and write about a variety of subjects, and while my work may seem eclectic, it’s all related to culture and social justice.

What has been most challenging in your RSCA?

I tend to work on various projects at once, so each one sometimes distracts me from the others and I’m always surrounded by unfinished work.

A hidden talent?

I have written several thousand haiku, some of which have been published.

Books that changed your life?

Ah, so many books have changed me in so many wonderful ways, as both a reader and a writer. These bricks of civilization are essential to a full life.

A website/journal/newspaper you follow?

I like news aggregators, including the progressive Common Dreams.

Advice you would give to newer faculty or to students?

“Curiosity didn’t kill this cat!” — Studs Terkel

Some recent publications?

A Brief Chat With Noam Chomsky”, Truthout, May 11, 2018
A 99% Manifesto”, Tikkun, September 17, 2017
A Sociology of Joy”, The Society Pages, August 22, 2017