Gregory Feist


Greg Feist


Department of Psychology



personality, creativity, psychology of science, psychology of climate change

Current Research Activity

The major questions my research have addressed is: 1) How is personality related to creative achievement? 2) What are the psychological factors that make scientific interest, talent, and. Achievement more likely? 3) How does motivation and beliefs affect our reasoning? More recently, I have moved to the psychology of climate change.

Research Connections to Current Events

Historically, my research has focused on creativity in science and technology as well as creativity and mental illness. I have published also how people reason in a motivated (biased) way about climate change by being critical of evidence that contradicts their prior beliefs. 

Personal Connections to Research

I have always (since High School) fascinated about why some people think so differently and originally about important problems and come up with ideas that are important and meaningful to society. 

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