Megan Thiele

Megan Thiele

Associate Professor

Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences



Current Research Activities

Does teacher well-being predict teenage suicide using states as a unit of analysis? Does it matter if legislators were publicly educated for state spending on higher education? How do people talk about race and white supremacy? How do people learn to be antiracist?

Research Connections to Current Events

Funding for higher education is pertinent both nationally and also at SJSU. The antiracist dialogue sessions I have been facilitating since April focus on disrupting white supremacy and providing spaces for community education. This work centers around education, equity and sustainability. All of these topics have very important connections to what is now happening in our world.

Personal Connections to Research

Yes. Additionally, taking the Whiteness and Race faculty course at SJSU motivated me to continue this work by co-facilitating antiracism dialogue sessions. Many books and research have inspired me. I list much of those sources here:


inequity, education, higher education, class inequality, social stratification, antiracism; racism; white supremacy; intergroup dialoguing