Dustin Mulvaney

Dustin Mulvaney


Environmental Studies





Current Research Activities

My research is on governance of emerging technologies in food and energy systems. In this research I have worked on several different commodity chains, most expertly on photovoltaic supply chains and socio-ecological impacts across the life cycle. I have finished a textbook that will be published by Palgrave MacMillan called Sustainable Energy Transitions: Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Decarbonization this spring, and signed a contract with Wiley-Blackwell for a textbook to be called Energy, Society, Environment: A Critical Introduction anticipated for 2021.

Research Connections to Current Events

My research contributes to a better understanding of best practices and policies that could lessen the impacts of emerging technologies. Environmental governance often lags behind technologies and this area of research aims to better anticipate impacts from new technologies to better inform praxis. I am a voting member of the Joint Committee for a Sustainability Standard from the National Standards Foundation International and frequently appear as an expert witness before the California Public Utilities Commission.

Personal Connections to Research

I am interested in the research questions that I explore because they seek to better understand environmental change, with the goal of suggesting pathways or policies to mitigate or lessen impacts. I was able to be productive at SJSU prior to the RSCA because I worked on a lot of weekends and evenings. Now as a parent, I am not sure I would have been able to accomplish as much. The RSCA over he past year has provided much more space to maintain productivity.

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Invasive species; restoration ecology; mutualisms; microbiology; science communication