Former Student

If you are a previously matriculated and enrolled student at SJSU you might be a Former Student Returning (FSR).

You are an FSR to SJSU if you meet the following:

  • You previously enrolled at SJSU in a degree-seeking program (Open University does not qualify)
  • You have not attended SJSU as a regular student for the past two consecutive semesters (Open University attendance does not qualify as regular enrollment)
  • You left SJSU in good academic standing and want to return to SJSU to complete your degree objective
  • You have been reinstated from being disqualified and are back in a good academic standing
  • Have not been granted a leave of absence

Completing the Petition for Re-Admission as an FSR is not required to be considered for admission during our competitive selection (impaction) process, but FSRs that meet the upper division transfer requirements may gain admission priority prior to impaction by completing the Petition for Re-admission and obtaining departmental approval by appropriate deadline. Late or incomplete petitions will not be accepted or processed:
Fall Term Deadline: February 15 for the fall admission cycle  
Spring Term Deadline: October 15 for the spring admission cycle

The steps to be readmitted to SJSU in a future term are below:

  1. Apply to SJSU at Cal State Apply as a transfer applicant during the next available application period. Note that you must complete all mandatory requirements for transfer applicants like completing the supplemental application, attending orientation, and meeting all deadlines, conditions, and admission requirements currently in effect
  2. Complete the Petition for Re-admission as a Former Student Returning (FSR) by the posted deadline. Completing this form requires dual (two-step) authentication through DocuSign:
    • Complete the DocuSign Cover form for the Petition for Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning form:
      • You will be required to enter the name and email of the Department Advisor/Chair and the name and email of the College Associate Dean for the major you are applying for. You can use the SJSU Directory to assist you.
      • Please do not modify the (pre-populated) OnBase information when entering your information as this routes your file to our office when all signatures have been received.
    • Wait for an email from SJSU DocuSign with your unique validation code. Enter the validation (access) code into the SJSU DocuSign authentication page to complete the remaining sections of the petition.
    • Complete the remaining sections of the Petition for Re-Admission as an FSR.
      • All signatures, in addition to all mandatory sections of the Petition for Re-Admission as a Former Student Returning (FSR) form, are required for your petition to be considered.
      • You will be required to include a brief personal statement indicating why you discontinued your enrollment at SJSU and why you would like to re-enroll at SJSU to complete your degree at this time.

3. Complete additional required steps:

  • In addition to submitting the form, you must submit official transcripts showing all coursework completed at all institutions (SJSU excluded). Official transcripts should be sent directly to SJSU by your college or university.
  • Students who left SJSU due to disqualification must complete the reinstatement process prior to submitting this petition and prior to being readmitted. Details of the reinstatement process can be found on the Office of Undergraduate Education website.
  • As a reminder: you are required to submit an application and application fee for admission by the deadline to apply via Cal State Apply for the term indicated on this petition. There are no exceptions for missing this deadline. You must submit your application on time.