Campus Centers and Institutes Policies

University Policy S22-1 - University Policy, Establishment, Reporting,Continuation and Termination of Campus Centers and Institutes (CCI), Formerly Known as Organized Research and Training Units [pdf]

Research, scholarship, creative activity, education, and public service are recognized as vital components of the academic mission of San José State University. These can involve the lone scholar, the collaborative effort of a team, or a large but coordinated group. Because of the diverse ways in which these activities may be carried on, centers and institutes established within the university are recognized as efficient means to fulfill these functions. To facilitate the process and coordinate the effort, the following basic procedural and operational policy related to centers and institutes has
been developed.

CSU Memorandum AA-2014-18 - Centers and Institutes: Guidelines Replacing Executive Order 751 [pdf]

This coded memorandum establishes guidelines for campuses and auxiliaries to develop and maintain policies and procedures related to the oversight and reporting of all Campus Centers and Institutes (CCIs).