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➢ New and aspiring PIs, get started here!

Find Funding


⏯ SJSU Internal Funding Opportunities (28:50)  |  Slides

Learn about numerous internal initiatives from the Office of Research for AY 2023/24: RSCA Seed Grants, University Grants Academy (UGA), VPRI Teaming Grants, and Equipment Grants. 

⏯ HSI/MSI Program Grants (20:59)  |  Slides

SJSU is a Minority-Serving Institution, Hispanic Serving Institution and AAPI-Serving Institution.  These official designations can bring enhanced opportunities to our diverse student population.

⏯ Equipment Grants (29:38)  |  Slides

Opportunities and eligibility for equipment and instrumentation grants. Specifically covers agencies such as NSF, NIH, DOE, DOH, and NASA.

⏯ Faculty Fellowships (1:05:23)  |  Slides

Learn about fellowships, strategies, and specifics for funders such as Fulbright, Institute for Citizens & Scholars, and national agencies.


Pivot is the main tool to find RSCA funding and get funding alerts.

   ⏯ Account Setup (04:01)

    Note: Use your personal SJSU login, not "Institution Credentials"

   ⏯ Basic Searches (03:19)


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PI Preparation Series: Planning and Submitting

In person workshop October 17, 2023 or March 4, 2024

Planning for, writing, and submitting grant and fellowship applications. This workshop details proposal support offered by Research Development and Office of Sponsored Projects, how to access them, and who does what.


⏯ Planning Your RSCA Enterprise (31:44)

Planning and staffing your RSCA space, training and mentoring students, and creating your own RSCA culture will significantly influence your contributions.  This workshop discusses these topics and how to fund different RSCA trajectories.


⏯ Basic Tips and Tricks of Grant Getting (35:58)  |  Slides

This workshop discusses how to find the right opportunity and support, writing a RSCA narrative, and some key tricks for a competitive proposal.


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Submit or Resubmit a Proposal


⏯ Resubmissions (25:44)  |  Slides

Resubmissions are to be expected.  With or without agency feedback, we share strategies on how to become more competitive in round two.

⏯ Write a RSCA Narrative with Competitive Advantage (35:23)  |  Slides

How to write a compelling narrative to increase the likelihood of success. Includes several pro tips.


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Spend An Award


PI Preparation Series: Managing an Award

In person workshop October 18, 2023 or March 5, 2024

How to navigate the process after an award is received: contracts and subawards, spending, staffing, budget, reports, closing out, and more.


🌐  Research Compliance

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Mentor Students


⏯ Ethics and Good Professional Practice (36:47)  |  Slides

How to cultivate a positive research environment as Principle Investigator. Covers structural issues that contribute to misconduct and how to support students in ethical decision-making.


These SJSU campus programs include mentorship development.

Office of Research Student RSCA Fellowship

Work with an advisee in the Student RSCA Fellowship (SRF) program. Mentors receive a half-day workshop, three monthly meetings with grant recipients, and honorarium. Students must apply with faculty approval by February for the following year.  Program culminates with a presentation at Celebration of Research. More info at funding-information@sjsu.edu.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

UROP supports faculty and students to engage in research and mentorship. Faculty submit a project to apply and receive orientation, development funds, and research support.

Learning-Aligned Employment Program

Provides funding for eligible students to work with a faculty member on research. Straightforward startup process.


🌐  Diversity Training and Consulting via Office of the President

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New and Aspiring PIs, Start Here!

Welcome to your RSCA journey.  Here's how to get started.

1. Sign up for this workshop:

  • Pre-Award Brown Bag Lunch Workshop

In Person October 17, 2023 or March 4, 2024, 12-2 p.m.

Please RSVP

Planning for, writing, and submitting grant and fellowship applications. This workshop details proposal support offered by Research Development and Office of Sponsored Projects, how to access them, and who does what.


2. View these videos:

⏯ SJSU Internal Funding Opportunities (28:50)

⏯ Planning Your RSCA Enterprise (31:44)

⏯ Write a RSCA Narrative with Competitive Advantage (35:23)  |  Slides


3. Sign up for University Grants Academy:

This semester-long course offers full support, mentorship, and community through the process of writing a significant external grant proposal to fund your RSCA enterprise.  Strongly recommended for all faculty.  Buyout and fellowship funding included.  More information on the UGA website.


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