Get Involved In RSCA

Deciding you want to get involved with a research, scholarship, and creative activity (RSCA) project is exciting as it can provide you with a career boost and generally lead to great things! But how do you actually get involved in a RSCA project? 

Option 1: Locate a Faculty Member

The first step is to find a faculty member whose research aligns with your RSCA interest and goals. Start by considering what area/field most interests you. This will likely be a field that you already know - but it doesn’t have to be; it could be a subject you have discovered through the media or other activities. Once you have identified your interests, explore the relevant SJSU college/departments online and browse their faculty lists to identify faculty with the research expertise you are targeting. Reach out to them via an email or in-person after one of their classes to tell them about your interest and goals and specifically ask to work with them. Most SJSU faculty came here because they love working with students and will be very happy to talk with you about their RSCA and any project opportunities they may have. If they are unavailable, ask them if they have other contacts you can reach out to.

Attending campus RSCA events and seminars is another way to get informed about the types of RSCA going on at SJSU and find faculty RSCA mentors. In addition, you can reach out to departmental/college administrators who may be able to guide you towards a specific faculty member. 

You may have to speak to a few faculty members before you find one with projects that are a good fit for your interests. 

Option 2: Get Involved in SJSU's Research Opportunities

SJSU offers multiple resources and programs designed to engage students in RSCA, including:

Some of these opportunities may require that you have a faculty mentor, so reaching out to faculty in your college or department of interest is important!

Option 3: Explore External Research Programs Outside of SJSU

Exploring programs outside of SJSU can be a great way to further your research interests, especially if you have tried the previous options with little success. Check online for community and national fellowships and opportunities and get involved in groups and clubs that match your interests!