IBC Committee Members

Committee members are recommended to the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR) by the IBC chair and approved for a term of three years.

IBC Roster

Skye Kelty, Chair, Biosafety Officer, EH&S

Bree Grillo-Hill, Co-Chair, Animal Expert, Biological Sciences

Wendee Augustiro, Techincal Staff, Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging

Mark Barash, Molecular Biology Expert, Justice Studies

Laxmi Ramasubramanian, Non-voting Member, College of Social Science

Katy Kao, Molecular Biology Expert, Chemical Engineering

Matthew Masucci, Non-voting Member, College of Health and Human Science

Dante Ricci, Non-affiliated Member

Xiao Su, Non-voting Member, College of Engineering

Jessica Trask, Non-voting Member, Director of Research Compliance

Miri VanHoven, Non-voting Member, College of Science