About Us

Dr. Jessica Trask.

Dr. Jessica Trask

Senior Director of Research Services

Phone: 408-924-2460

Barbara Sasso.

Barbara Sasso

Research Development Specialist

Charles W.Davidson College of Engineering

Phone: 408-924-2481

Anna Dizack.

Anna Dizack

Research Development Specialist

Connie L. Lurie College of Education and College of Science

Phone: 408-924-2984

Brigette Brown.

Brigette Brown

Research Development Specialist

Colleges of Humanities & the Arts, Social Sciences, Health & Human Sciences

Phone: 408-924-1481

Lauren Lee.

Lauren Lee

Project and Communications Coordinator

Phone: 408-406-3576

If your college does not have a designated Research Development Specialist, please email officeofresearch@sjsu.edu so your inquiry can be directed appropriately.