Health and Well-Being

two people work under fume hood with scientific equipment in lab coats and safety gearBiotechnology

   ∙  Industrial and clinical applications
   ∙  Diagnostics
   ∙  Therapies
   ∙  Drug delivery

woman pours steaming vessel into smaller container under fume hoodDrug Discovery

   ∙  Infectious disease
   ∙  Bacterial infections
   ∙  Underlying causes
   ∙  New compounds

closeup of prosthetic hand on top of real hand with scientific poster in backgroundBiomedical Engineering

   ∙  Health devices
   ∙  Materials
   ∙  Underlying causes
   ∙  Holistic design, industry partners

person in health assistant gear explains with hands to a visitor while other people also have conversations in the backgroundHealth Disparities

   ∙  Local and national partnerships
   ∙  Mental health
   ∙  Interventions
   ∙  Innovative care tools

looking over a person's shoulder as they hold a sensor to a subject's arm and look at a readout on screenEvolved Caregiving

   ∙  New interventions
   ∙  Innovative treatment models
   ∙  Adaptable public policy
   ∙  Holistic medical design

two people in lab coats explain something to a visitor in a suitMental and
Behavioral Health

   ∙  Community mental health
   ∙  Moral injury
   ∙  Trauma-informed care
   ∙  Adolescent health