Climate Resilience

person draws sample water from a sizeable river with a long poleLand, Water Studies

   ∙  Ocean studies
   ∙  Marine Optical BuoY (MOBY)
   ∙  Water justice
   ∙  Policy and land restoration

battery scientist in lab gear reaches into closed machine with attached gloves as another person is seen in reflectionEnergy Solutions

   ∙  Sustainable batteries
   ∙  Green energy
   ∙  Transportation solutions
   ∙  Carbon capture

truck from the wildfire center sits in open field with wildfire in the distance.  measuring equipment is all aroundWildfire

   ∙  Fire behavior
   ∙  Fire ecology
   ∙  Policy and social adaptation
   ∙  Technological tools

looking out to ocean from boat cockpit, a screen shows tides with numbersMariculture

   ∙  Ocean acidification and hypoxia
   ∙  Aquaculture
   ∙  Climate change counteractions
   ∙  Sustainable fishery products
   ∙  Land-based co-culture

people work on fish in a marine lab, with waterproof gear onSpecies Health

   ∙  Migration tracking
   ∙  Habitat change
   ∙  Diet and breeding
   ∙  Human interactions
   ∙  Multimodal data analysis

vibrant food garden in urban atmosphere, person walks through trellis in distanceEnvironmental Justice

   ∙  Righting historical injustice
   ∙  Impact tracking
   ∙  Adaptable public policy
   ∙  Grassroots community solutions