Emerging Technology

people work on robot with human face on screenArtificial Intelligence

   ∙  Multifaceted applications
   ∙  Interdisciplinary frameworks
   ∙  Generative technology
   ∙  Prototyping

people work intently on computersMachine Learning

   ∙  Deep learning
   ∙  Big data
   ∙  Integrations and applications
   ∙  Data analysis

a model plane with colored coming off it is seen in foreground, person bending over concentrating in back Air and Space

   ∙  Engineering
   ∙  Design
   ∙  Education

a person holds something near a robot arm with people watchingRobotics and Drones

   ∙  AI solutions
   ∙  Complex decision-making
   ∙  Interdisciplinary applications
   ∙  Safety and autonomy

a person works on a circuit board with computers around herSemiconductors

   ∙  Chip design
   ∙  Workforce preparation
   ∙  Entrepreneurship
   ∙  Advanced modeling

a person presents a poster to another person with models and wires all over the placeQuantum Technology

   ∙  Simulations
   ∙  Predictions
   ∙  Optimization
   ∙  High-fidelity readout

people look at an electrical cabinet with many wires coming out

   ∙  Frameworks and applications
   ∙  User safety
   ∙  Algorithm refinement
   ∙  Attack simulation