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Personnel Training Requirements

The IACUC is charged with assessing the level of individual experience and training, or required training, in the humane care and use of animals for all activities. Practical training and experience is important to ensure animals are handled properly, as is individual understanding in animal welfare policy from the federal to the institutional level. The Collaborative Institute Training Initiative (CITI) is a campus-wide resource that provides online training in animal welfare policies, a wide variety of species-specific courses, and courses for recognizing and relieving pain and distress in commonly used laboratory species.

Providing proof of successful completion of online training in animal welfare policy may be a requirement imposed by the IACUC for all personnel associated with an activity as a matter of securing approval for an animal use protocol. Successful completion of CITI training is required for PIs and graduate students involved in planning and executing the research.  At the time the IACUC approves an animal use protocol, the Principal Investigator will be informed if additional personnel are required to successfully complete veterinary or CITI training courses and which course/s are required for each individual.  Unless otherwise directed, personnel will have sixty (60) days to complete all applicable CITI course/s at the time they are notified that verification of training is required.

Please contact the IACUC Coordinator with any questions about accessing, utilizing or completing CITI veterinary training courses.

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CITI courses are an available resource to faculty, staff and students at no cost and include courses in IACUC, species specific training, human subjects research policy (IRB) and responsible conduct in research (RCR).  Faculty are encouraged to utilize CITI courses in their curriculum as well. Separate instructions are provided for researchers (faculty/staff/graduate students, undergraduates involved in research projects) and students taking CITI as required for an instructional-based class.

Faculty/Researchers: Setting up a CITI account [pdf]

Students/Course Exams: Setting up a CITI account [pdf]

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