Supplemental Funding Opportunities

Supplemental awards are non-competing awards that increase the funding to an existing grant above and beyond what was originally awarded. Reasons for supplemental awards:

  • Increased costs due to modifications in design or a desire to add a closely related component to the ongoing project.
  • Request or opportunity from the sponsor to increase an agency specific goal (e.g. diversity, equity and inclusion by hiring an additional student, faculty or post-doc researcher on the project.

If you have found a supplemental opportunity or if a program officer has requested that you apply to one, please reach out to Research Development.

NIH Supplemental Funding

NIH offers three main types of supplemental funding:

NSF Supplemental Funding

NSF offers many supplements designed to achieve specific objectives. Below is a sample of supplemental funding opportunities at NSF. Search for more opportunities here.

Other Federal Agencies

Other federal agencies do not typically have standing supplemental funding opportunities. They may however, occasionally issue one via, a special notice, their program webpage or other mechanism. Agencies known to do this are the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation and the Department of Education.