Insurance is there for us to keep us financially protected from loss, theft, and ailments. You can insure all sorts of things, from your automobile to your teeth. 


  • Premium: The premium is what you pay for selected coverage. Payments can vary, but are generally monthly, yearly, or automatically deducted from your paycheck.
  • Deductible: What you need to pay before insurance coverage kicks in after receiving a service.

Types of Insurance

Health Insurance

It provides financial protection for your health. Coverage will vary by your individual policy. Dental insurance and vision are often covered under individual policies. You can stay covered under your parents’ health insurance plan until you turn 26.

Automobile Insurance

There are three types of automobile insurance coverage:

  • Liability: Financial restitution for damage you cause to other people and property in the event of a car accident.
  • Collision: Financial protection from damage caused by a collision to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive: Financial protection for your car for non-collision related incidents such as theft, natural disasters, and vandalism. (Will vary by policy)

Homeowner’s/ Renter’s Insurance

Depending on the policy, homeowner's insurance will generally protect against financial loss from certain natural disasters, theft, and physical damage to the property. Renter’s insurance may protect renters from damage they may cause to the property. It will also potentially cover your property inside the apartment.

Life Insurance

Assists the designated beneficiary with a payment in the event of the primary policy holder’s death.

Disability Insurance

Pays out a portion of your regular salary during any period when you may be unable to work due to disability.

Due to the variety of options and coverage available, please consult an insurance professional or the company providing your coverage for more information.