Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

As an SJSU student receiving financial aid, you must:

  • Report any changes to your financial situation of additional financial resources such as teaching assistantships, scholarships, stipends, and alternative loans;
  • Report changes in your enrollment status. Such as: change of graduation date, less than full time enrollment (12 units undergraduate, post baccalaureate or credential program and 8 units graduate), etc.
  • Be designated by the SJSU Office of Admissions as accepted into a SJSU course of study leading to a degree, credential, or certificate;
  • Maintain enrollment in a minimum number of units to be eligible for financial aid - at least 6 units, undergraduate, post baccalaureate or credential program and 4 units graduate.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by SJSU
  • Keep your mailing address, email address and telephone number up to date through the Office of the Registrar and your web portal
  • Inform us if you do not plan to attend SJSU during fall and/or spring semesters

Student Rights

As an SJSU student receiving financial aid, you may:

  • Request a re-evaluation of any decision concerning your financial aid award
  • Notify the SJSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office in writing about unusual circumstances, not reported on the initial Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that you feel might affect your eligibility
  • Review your financial aid records
  • Request that the SJSU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office correct any records that you believe are inaccurate
  • Decline any part or all of the financial aid award including Direct Loan;
  • Cancel all or a portion of your Direct Loan disbursement
  • Have the Direct Loan proceeds returned to the holder of the loan
  • Be notified by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office through MySJSU about your eligibility for financial aid
  • Be informed through MySJSU of any changes made to your financial aid award.

Student Privacy

Federal privacy laws protecting your educational records prohibit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office from disclosing your financial aid information without your authorization.

You are under no obligation to authorize release of your financial aid information, and you may request at any time that your authorization be removed.

If you do not authorize release of your information to your parents or spouse, we may provide only general financial aid information such as the application process, general program eligibility, and deadline dates.