Dan Nathan-Roberts

Cognitive Ergononics Engineering

Dan Nathan-Roberts, SJSU

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering
Sponsors: Herman Miller, Inc., Steris Corporation, Wavelet Health Inc.

Dan Nathan-Roberts was drawn to science and engineering from a young age. “I always liked figuring out how things worked, and I was fortunate to be encouraged to attend science camps and study math and engineering.”

Today he works in cognitive ergonomics, a field that explores the relationship of human cognitive abilities with systems and technology, particularly in health care and in the workplace.

Cognitive ergonomics has many applications, as Nathan-Roberts’ diverse research demonstrates. He collaborates with businesses in health care, medical devices, technology and more.

For example, furniture manufacturer Herman Miller approached Nathan-Roberts for help with the ergonomics of a new product line, which included features new to the industry.

“The undergraduate team and I had the opportunity to conduct an ergonomic analysis of the fit of an unreleased Herman Miller product,” explains Nathan-Roberts. “We generated research reports and briefed Herman Miller on our findings.”

Working with students has been especially inspiring. “The students in my classes and in my research group are hard-working, smart and engaged,” he says. “Their enthusiasm and curiosity inspire me to provide as many opportunities for them as I can.”

Student Research

SJSU Student Janet Wu Chastain

"In the HF/E masters program I have been able to apply my science background and exercise creativity in different ways compared to my previous career in engineering, which is very freeing. This program also enabled me to find a position in the healthcare industry, the field in which I’ve always wanted to work."

Janet Wu Chastain, ’17 MS Human Factors and Ergonomics
User Experience Researcher, Proteus Digital Health

SJSU Research Foundation Annual Report 2018