Full-Envelope Stitched Simulation from Individual Linear Models and Trim Data

Full-Envelope Stitched Simulation from Individual Linear Models and Trim Data

Figure 1: STITCH Version 1.1

STITCH is a comprehensive software capability that allows a non-expert to create and verify a stitched simulation model. This tool features a user interface and MATLAB-based infrastructure in which the user supplies point linear models and trim data, and STITCH generates a Simulink stitched model block and corresponding MATLAB data file. The stitched simulation model can then be used for continuous, real-time full-envelope piloted simulation or flight control evaluation within hardware-in-the-loop simulation.


Model stitching is the technique of combining or “stitching” together individual linear models and trim data for discrete flight conditions to produce a continuous, full flight-envelope simulation model. In this technique, the stability and control derivatives and trim data for each discrete point model are stored as a function of key parameters such as airspeed and altitude. The look-up of trim and derivatives is combined with nonlinear equations of motion and nonlinear gravitational force equations to produce a continuous, quasi-nonlinear stitched simulation model.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface to guide the user through the entire process of generating a stitched model
  • Support for rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Processing of raw flight-test data
  • Automated generation/verification of Simulink stitched model
  • Accurate extrapolation to off-nominal conditions (speed, weight, center of gravity, inertia, altitude)
  • Direct access to CIFER® database to import identified point models for stitched model generation
  • Interactive plotting utilities
  • Help documentation via links on each screen

STITCH version 1.1 is available as of March 2022

Fig. 1: Project setup

Figure 2: Project Setup

Fig. 2: Anchor point models and trim data

Figure 3: Anchor Point Models and Trim Data

Fig. 3: Stitched model linearization verification 

Figure 4: Stitched Model Linearization Verification 


San José State University Research Foundation


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