March 2024 New Grants and Contracts

We are pleased to share the success of SJSU's principal investigators who were awarded grants and contracts during March 2024:

Monthly Awards at a Glance
24 Awards Received: Valued at $8,411,413.

Note: Some industry-sponsored awards are not listed due to their respective non-disclosure terms.

Curriculum and Assessment

Capriotti, Matthew R. / Lattimer, Heather, Undergraduate Studies
CCGI Regional Partnership Grant
Sponsor: California Community Colleges – $56,605.

Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering

Bashash, Saeid, Mechanical Engineering
Second-Life Battery Microgrid Demonstration Enabled by Advanced State of Health Tracking
Sponsor: RePurpose Energy, Inc. – $315,274.

Oye, Michael, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Community Services Program '23 - '24
Sponsor: City of San José – $100,000.

College of Health and Human Sciences

Drabble, Laurie, Social Work
Health Effects of Intersectional Stigma Among Sexual Minority Women
Sponsor: UC, Santa Barbara  – $20,782.

Drabble, Laurie, CHHS, Dean's Office
What Makes Sexual Minority Women “Sober Curious”? Barriers and Facilitators to Reducing Harmful Drinking Patterns
Sponsor: Columbia University – $2,500.

Grzywacz, Joe, CHHS, Dean's Office
Broaden and Build the Northern CA Health Care Workforce
Sponsor: CA Department, Health Care Access & Information – $3,394,179.

Lee, Peter Allen, Social Work
BHWET Integrated Behavioral Health MSW Stipend Program
Sponsor: UC, Berkeley – $76,200.

Widaman, Adrianne, Nutrition & Food Science
Tele-Nutrition to Improve Cardiometabolic Health & Quality of Life Among Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury Project
Sponsor: Santa Clara County – $23,911.

Humanities and the Arts

Holberton, Rhonda, Hughes, Barbara, Art & Art History
Bay Area California Arts Project (BayCAP)
Sponsor: Regents of The University of California – $40,000.

College of Science

Adams, Walter, Biological Sciences
Mechanism of Toxin Mediated Damage to the Lung Epithelium during S.
Pneumoniae Infection
National Institutes of Health – $146,500.

Carroll, Dustin, Moss Landing Marine Lab
ECCO-Darwin Model Exploration of Physical and Biogeochemical
Interactions in the Land-Sea Continuum
Jet Propulsion Laboratory – $60,000.

Carroll, Dustin, Moss Landing Marine Lab
A Multipronged Approach to Investigate how Hydrography and Mixing
Shape Productive Fjord Ecosystems in Greenland
National Science Foundation – $78,440.

Connolly, Thomas, Moss Landing Marine Lab
Synchro: Co-Design Lab for Synchronizing Technology Evolution for
Industry, Ocean Science and Conservation
Sponsor: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute – $30,000.

Connolly, Thomas, Grand, Maxime, Bowers, Holly A., Moss Landing Marine Lab
CeNCOOS Partnership: Information Solutions to Power Healthy and
Prosperous Oceanic, Coastal and Estuarine Communities
Sponsor: Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute – $5,000.

Hamilton, Scott L., Moss Landing Marine Lab
California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program – Monitoring and
Evaluation of California Marine Protected Areas
Sponsor: San José State University – $546,000.

Kaufman, Michael J., Science, Dean's Office
Astronomical Infrared Bands as Calibrated Probes of Astrophysical
Conditions in the JWST-era with The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database
Sponsor: NASA – $39,319.

Kochanski, Adam, Meteorology & Climate Science
Integration and Evaluation of WRF-SFIRE Application for
Interoperability in Wildfire Decision Making
Sponsor: Colorado State University – $21,477.

Kochanski, Adam, Meteorology & Climate Science
Towards a NU-WRF based Mega Wildfire Digital Twin: Smoke Transport
Impact Scenarios on Air Quality, Cardiopulmonary Disease and Regional Deforestation
Sponsor: University of Maryland Baltimore County – $34,993.

Miller-Conrad, Laura C., Chemistry
Blocking Cationic Antimicrobial Peptide-Resistance in Pseudomonas
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $98,888.

Rivera, Ferdinand D., Crunk, Steven, Mathematics & Statistics
Understanding Teacher Effectiveness and Retention Among Single
Subject Math Program Completers in the First Five Years of Teaching (Project CSU TEAR)
Sponsor: National Science Foundation – $984,603.

Thornton, Edward, Moss Landing Marine Lab
ROXSI: ROcky shores eXperiments and SImulations- Thornton Portion
Sponsor: UC, San Diego – $4,794.

Wilkinson, Katherine, Biological Sciences
Molecular Mediators of Muscle Spindle Mechanosensation
Sponsor: National Institutes of Health – $146,500.

College of Social Sciences

Laraway, Sean P., Psychology
Human Systems Integration: Collaborative Human Factors Research to Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability of NASA's Aeronautics and Space Missions Phase 2
Sponsor: NASA – $1,185,553.

VP/Provost Academic & Student Affairs

Del Casino, Vincent, Parent, David, Rosenfeld, Liat, Provost's Office
Project Engineering Success: Increasing Hispanic Student Success in
Engineering at San Jose State University, San Jose City College & Gavilan College
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Education – $999,896.